ADT TURBODesign Suite 6.4.0 破解版下载 crack

ADT TURBODesign Suite 6.4.0

TURBOdesign Suite 是全球唯一一款集叶片、蜗壳、进口管道三维反问题设计、优化于一体的叶轮机械设计软件。三维反问题设计方法的应用可以为叶轮机械带来突破性的设计方案。TURBOdesign 自 1999 年正式上市以来,经过不断的开发新的模块,升级更新已有模块,使得叶轮机械的多工况、多目标、多学科最优化设计成为可能。

ADT TURBODesign Suite 6.4.0 | 1.6 Gb | 破解版下载 crack

Product: ADT TURBODesign
Version: Suite 6.4.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10
Size: 1.6 Gb


Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods and the TURBOdesign Suite has unveiled that its TURBOdesign Suite version 6.4 is now shipping. The suite is a combination of aerodynamics and hydrodynamic 3D design software specifically designed for turbomachinery.

ADT TURBODesign Suite 6.4.0 - what's new:

The version 6.4 update to TURBOdesign Suite provides significant new features and functionality to enable designers to produce highly optimised designs faster than ever before.

The major new functionality included in TURBOdesign Suite 6.4 includes:

- M4 Generic Method for Meridional Geometry Parameterization:

a flexible new parameterization approach developed and integrated within the existing TURBOdesign1 Meridional Geometry Generator. This new feature allows the user to create arbitrary meridional geometries with arbitrary levels of control. The M4 geometry parameterization has also been integrated into TURBOdesign Optima and TURBOdesign WB.

- TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ :

this newly introduced module enables the seamless integration of STAR-CCM+ into TURBOdesign Optima by leveraging the capability of TURBOdesign 3DLab to export high quality CAD models. This powerful new module enables the user to utilize CFD results obtained automatically for TURBOdesign1 designs within optimization runs for cases with multiple operating points.

- TURBOdesign 3DLab:

a new export of flow domains capability has been added to generate and partition flow domains and facilitate the preparation of the geometry for import into their desired CFD tool when running an optimization case with TURBOdesign Optima and 3DLab with either TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ or ANSYS Workbench.





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