Cadence Celsius EC Solver 2023.1 x64 破解版下载

Cadence Celsius EC Solver 技术(前身为 Future Facilities 的 6SigmaET)专为使电子系统设计人员能够快速准确地解决当今最具挑战性的热/电子冷却管理问题而设计。 Celsius EC 求解器利用强大的计算引擎和网格划分技术,使设计人员能够对复杂设计进行建模和分析,不仅可以降低产品故障的风险,还可以优化热解决方案以最大限度地提高性能。


即使是最复杂的电子系统,Celsius EC Solver 也能分析流体流动和热传递。 该软件使用专有的多级非结构化 (MLUS) 网格划分技术求解对流、传导和辐射。 它可以分析电子组件和外壳中的气流、温度和热传递。 求解器可以求解自然对流、强制对流、太阳能加热和液体冷却。

Design Insight
Enables designers to address thermal/electronics cooling challenges in the earliest stages of a design to reduce risk of product failure and optimize performance

Intuitive UI
Saves design time and eliminates risk by automatically placing intelligent modeling objects, providing object-based mesh generation, and determining the ideal grid size for a simulation

-Object-based meshing feature adapts the mesh to ensure accurate analysis of the device. Rules can be optionally defined, providing meshing guidance to ensure that the individual objects are simulated correctly.

-Imports complex mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) models from Creo Parametric, Solidworks, CATIA, and other major MCAD tools. Imported MCAD models can be analyzed without simplification.

-Parallel processing technology distributes simulation tasks across multiple cores and multiple machines, enabling fast analysis of complex electronics designs in both transient and steady-state simulation modes.

-Automatically places intelligent modeling objects within the system-level model, providing automatic object-based mesh generation, determining the ideal grid size for a simulation, and automatically checking for collision and modeling errors before solving.

System Requirements

OS:Windows 11/Windows 10/ Windows Server 2019 / Windows Server 2016
GPU:4 GB minimum / 8 GB recommended /16 GB for the largest models (models with a large number of surfaces)
Space: 8 GB






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